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The Second Most Important Decision in My Life!!

Last night on the way home I thought of the best blog to write… but since I don’t have a computer at home, I’ve since forgotten what I was going to blog about. So, today I’m finally going to blog about the second most important decision I’ve ever made in my life!!!

On February 1st, 2010 Clark Robert Clervois asked me to marry him and be his wife for the rest of our lives. I SAID YES!

Clark proposing, Kim in shock!

As the song says, I’m soo lucky to be in love with my best friend. We’re seriously going to be the best married couple ever. Clark brought me to New York City and he had the great idea to tour around to all the spots where they shot of my favorite movies “You’ve Got Mail“. I loved the idea! A lot of people were like “how didn’t you know he was going to propose during that?”… and I can honestly say I really didn’t think he was going to! He had me convinced there was no money in his bank account to get married, and I was so pissed about it! Haha. Plus, we are the type of couple that does fun stuff randomly, so it really didn’t strike me as too out of the ordinary. Clark’s a G like that! We visited a few spots including the bagel spot from the movie, the little cafe where Meg Ryan waited with the book and the flower, and then the last stop was at the park where at the end of

I said yes!!

the movie Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan meet up and it’s like the “Ahhh we belong together and we love each other, let’s kiss” moment. Of course, that’s where he proposed… and I was so clueless! I actually said “Are you proposing? You’re not proposing now are you?!” haha! Can you believe I actually said that? I was so out of the loop… come to find out my entire family knew including like half the church and all our friends! Crazy. It was the perfect moment and I couldn’t be happier, honestly! Clark’s sister was there with us, which I was so happy about, I was glad to share that memory with her. Clark’s sister’s name is Jovonka and she is AWESOME! I’m lucky to now call her my sister. She was also able to take pictures of the day for us, so that was nice to have photo’s of the whole thing! You can check them out on Clark’s facebook. I really had no idea… the rest of the day I was of course on ‘cloud 9’. I could barely focus on anything I was sooo happy! Clark is the most amazing man I’ve ever come in contact with and I’m so grateful and thankful to God for giving me such an amazing man. AND I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL OUR WEDDING AND OUR HONEYMOON 😉

Speaking of wedding and honeymoon… I’ve got to get planning! My ideal date if September 18th, 2010… but in

Front of the dress, off-white ivory color in real life!

wedding world, September is like tomorrow. I went to the “Running of the Brides” this past Friday in search of a dress. Believe it or not, I actually found one! Unfortunately it was four inches to short, or I was four inches to tall. So, I didn’t buy the dress, but the day was a huge success. I was so glad that both my mom and my sister accompanied me, I would have been lost without them. I took a few pictures of the dress… but just to warn you the lighting and dynamics of this cell phone pictures does NOT do this dress justice at ALL! It’s really an ivory color, off white! It’s beautiful. It’s got this lacy beading stuff on the bottom half that is just beautiful. The challenge now is going to be finding it somewhere with a price that I can afford. My wedding’s budget right now is like $400 so we’ll see what I can come up with! I’d like to get married in the Gloucester/Rockport/Ipswich area… preferable outdoors or under a tent, but the weather might get in my way. I’m still looking for an affordable location. I wish I knew someone who lives in that area with a really big backyard! Honestly, my absolute ideal location would be in Rhode Island near the lighthouse from Dan In Real Life. However, considering I live here and have no money, I doubt that will work. My second choice is also too expensive, but just to mention it because it’s beautiful here this place in Ipswich called Willowdale Estate. So basically I’m trying to find a place that has the aesthetics of these places but the price a whole lot cheaper. My aunt who lives on the south shore is on the look out for dress places and wedding locations, she’s awesome! Her and my cousin Jonathan are helping =). My Aunt Janice and Uncle Len wanted to have like six kids, but after they had Jon, my Uncle Len came down with cancer and therefore they weren’t able to have any more kids. They have no girls so I think it’s a special thing for them to be helping me plan my wedding! I love them.

So, on to more planning and preparing and buying of expensive things! I honestly wouldn’t mind a small wedding, just family and a few friends… but I’m really struggling with who to invite. I think what we’re going to end up doing is having our nice intimate beautiful small wedding, then we get home from our honeymoon and get settled… I’ll do a big party at the church for all the church people who think they’ll be invited to my wedding ;-). I’m sure I am going to offend several people… but I’ll just have to respectfully remind them that it’s my day and not theirs 😀