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So I have decided that I would absolutely love to keep this site update (somewhat) even though I’m mainly blogging over at 47 Grove these days. I know, I know… why trade the loyal follow of 5 readers here at LTB?! Well, granted 47G does have several hundred followers, but it’s also a project I’m very invested in and passionate about. The most important thing about my new blog project is that I’m partnering with my sister! So if you haven’t been over to www.47grove.com please go visit. I promise there are some stunning articles and photos for you there. Here, I think I’ll just stick to talking about cheese. Staying up late. Rantings. Random thoughts and feelings.Sounds about right. Agree? Plus I’m watching Grammy again tonight while she sleeps so I need something to do. I say “watching” because truly it’s almost impossible to sleep in the same room with her between her snoring, sleep talking, and constant coughing. Smh. But I do love her! She’s hilarious!

Thanks loyal 3 to 5 friends who may or may not stumble across this post within the next 6 months to two years. Not that I can’t be myself at 47G but this here blog is definitely a safer place to be weird, mainly because there are no rules here and absolutely no one reads it. HA! Ok, if you’re reading… you’re not no one! You’re special too. Here I feel like I can be genuinely Kim. With that said… I started a pinterest board called “Wow, that’s so Kim” that I hope you follow. It’s things that I really feel define me or things that I can relate with so well. I’ll leave you with this…

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and with this…

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Okay, this is so weird, but right after I posted this on the blog I tweeted something and one of my graduated students responded with THIS! It’s too good I just had to come back add this…

What! I don't even think he knew about this post or the name of my pinterest board. LIFE!!!

What! I don’t even think he knew about this post or the name of my pinterest board. LIFE!!!


Let’s start over!

Life update: I am blogging. Yes. Okay, doing one thing right! Anyone else get the feeling that adulthood is absolutely NOT something that is possible to “master”… like… ever?! What does “successful” even MEAN? As a kid you imagine yourself a successful adult looking a very specific way. Well, I’m here now! What’s the deal?

Let’s be clear. I love my life, love my husband, and I consider myself very blessed. I’m also sick, overwhelmed, and sometimes in some ways I feel as though I have less direction than I ever did. Very contrasting! There’s so much about my life that I enjoy. A moment where my husband and I lock eyes and communicate through a smile. A moment when I sit down in a comfy chair at a coffee shop with a good friend and sip a delicious latte over conversation. A moment when one of my students makes a good and Godly decision for their life. A moment when I hear the perfect harmony to a beautiful song. There is so much to love, appreciate, and look forward to.

There’s also so much that I could not have imagined. I never thought I’d live my entire adulthood with a life altering illness. I never thought I’d be a bi-vocational minister. I always assumed I’d just do ministry forever and solely, it’s that simple. Come to find out, it’s definitely NOT that simple. Very few things are simple now. In retrospect high school and certainly college were simpler times. I think in college my main thoughts might have revolved around going to the beach, sleeping, and hanging out with my boyfriend. Now, there’s real like, life altering decisions to be made! When should we have a kid? When should buy a house? Can my body actually handle the stresses of having two jobs? Should I finally listen to my doctor and slow down?

I know I’ve only been an official adult for 8 years, but wow. This is it huh? Those of you who are further along and have already had your biological kids are probably laughing. Ha. Yeah, I know. I’m ridiculous. I’ve always thought that because of my profession, my adolescence, and my training [or something?!] that I was warped forward into a rather “mature” [for my age] adulthood and that’s why I’m able to function as such. Now I’m feeling a bit juvenile. My husband recently brought this to my attention in a very loving and concerned fashion. He is my biggest fan and is always looking out for me. So yesterday he took me to Panera and said “will you let me tell you something as your spiritual leader?”… and that’s very exciting when my husband talks like that. Any other Christian women out there feelin me? That’s hot. Anyways… he let me know that it’s time to focus! It’s time to realign our goals. It’s time to stop talking about how overwhelmed I am. It’s time to trust in the Lord. It’s time to listen to Him. I am excited for this new chapter of NOT self-reliance, but of God reliance! My favorite book in the entire world is “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. Absolutely life changing. It just so happens [and this happens often] that yesterday’s devo was SPOT on what we were talking about. I highly recommend this book/devo… whoever is reading this blog post you MUST buy this!

After talking to Clark and reading my devo, spending some quality time with the Lord… I’m realizing more and more how my life is not what I thought. I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am SO GLAD my life is NOT what I imagined! It’s farrrrrrrrr greater! My husband is…. WOW…. hott!… out of the this world amazing. We do something truly amazing with our lives. We are youth pastors. It’s a call I never imagined I would answer and serve alongside my husband. I have kids! Lots of them. They are SO annoying most of the time. Haha! But they are also so special. I love them beyond words can say. I think sometimes I might need them more than they need me. Maybe you other youth pastors or youth pastors wives can relate? When people ask me “Do you have kids?” I always respond without hesitation, “yes! I have about 200 of them”. They are my joy. Our ministry and our calling is my joy. I’m ready to focus on the Giver of Joy. The Creator of Life. The Father of Light. The One to whom I owe my life and more. What’s more, I can trust Him. When I trust Him, everything falls together in line. Life is hard and unexpected, but that is part of the beauty. Just wait for it. Trust Him and He will guide you and show you. I promise. I’m waiting too.


Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” John 14:27 


Anybody else foolishly think to yourself “Oh, I’ll turn on the tv or watch Netflix while I write this blog post”… and then 30 minutes later you’re trying to remember what the heck your awesome blog post idea was?! Terrible. Since my husband and I got Netflix we’ve gone through different series together, and recently I decided to start Gossip Girl for my own entertainment. Bah. Bye-bye eloquently clever blog post filled with my signature wit, charm, and… BAHAHA – okay so my blog post wouldn’t have been THAT good! It’s still frustrating though…

So, in efforts to fight off my inclination to now post about shopping or my love for The Cheesecake Factory… I’m going to post about things that inspire me to post! Maybe in reading this you’ll remember all the things – or better yet, PEOPLE – who inspire you! Each week over the month of January I’ll post a inspiration post, first up is this week’s!

Before I’m really ready to start writing a blog post I need a delicious late night snack. Things to know about Kim… I eat cheese, like, every day. All cheeses pretty much. And I like it.

photo (6)

Alright… back to business. Today I made a wallpaper for my desktop and it’s a great first piece to what inspires me!

kims comp wallpaper

The people I love inspire me!

My new wallpaper is complete with family, friends, and friends who are family. I couldn’t possibly leave out my babies, our youth group kids and staff. Then of course my favorite human in the world, Clark Clervois, the most incredible husband-man! I spent the majority of the day today with my brother and his wife, they are absolutely wonderful. You can see Fabricio in the upper left hand corner pic front and center in navy sweatshirt and again in the bottom left hand corner pic with olive green shirt & glasses to the left of me and his wife Kemberli right behind him! Fab became family to me and my immediate family when he and his brother started coming to our church and stole our hearts. My sister and I grew up with no real brother’s and Fab and Felipe grew up without any real sisters, so we adopted each other. Today Fab and Kem and I spent the vast majority of our time together looking at old photo’s and video’s remembering our brother and my friend and laughing at how ridiculous we used to look. On Christmas Fab texted me and my husband asking if we could FaceTime… my sister had a sixth sense that Kem is pregnant! She was RIGHT! The thought of my future niece or nephew has not left my mind since I first heard. AHHH! I’m beyond excited, ELATED! This baby already means the world to me. And so, I find inspiration in the love of a family that I’m bonded together with not because we share genetics but because we chose each other. We’ve gone through so much together. Watching those video’s today reminded me of how much we really and truly love each other.  I am so grateful for them, thank you Lord for giving me these amazing humans to share life with. Hopefully in 2014, a little MORE life adding more chapters to our story. I am very much looking forward to the baby Paes chapter! 


So, until next week’s inspiration post I’ll leave you with this verse.

“Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance” 1 Corinthians 13:7-8

As of now…

Kim is:

Making: room for a new job! I start next tuesday, so pray for me! November 12th!
Cooking: chili… because my husband is out of the country and it is his least favorite meal, while it’s one of my favorites! My mom agrees… my chili rocks 😉
Drinking: tea, more tea. and crystal lite.
Reading: not nearly as much as i’d want of my book, but more blogs!
Wanting: time! time with my husband in a peaceful place, like a peace-vacation!
Looking: for ways love my husband more
Playing: with fiiiiiyah! feel like i’m about to juggle one to many things, but gotta do what you gotta do!
Wasting: money on Starbucks, and more starbucks 🙂
Sewing: ….pretty much nothing!
Wishing: that baked good were available for eating right now. or that room service was a real thing you could get in your own bed.
Enjoying: The O.C. reruns
Liking: spending time with my mom laughing at meme’s on pinterest!
Wondering: how i’m going to be feeling in about two months!
Loving: all the sweet reminders of how much i love my husband that i see, hear, or watch while he’s out of town! directly after i dropped him off at the airport i went to the grocery store and our wedding dance song was playing! things like this only happen when he’s away! 
Hoping: for a big fat paycheck to spend on clothes and christmas presents… just being honest!
Marveling: at all the pain that people experience and still have hope in Jesus!
Needing: some lotion right now… hoping my henna tattoo lasts a long time!
Smelling: my childhood home when it warms up during the winter, those old heaters! love it.
Wearing: pj’s…. all dayyyyyy son! day off swag
Following: Jesus
Noticing: my age… and the vas deferens between me and a 21 year old. even 21 year old me!
Knowing: that tomorrow is gunna suck if i don’t get some sleep
Thinking: about writing… a better blog, a book, i don’t know…
Feeling: like i need to eat cookie dough asap… serious craving…
Bookmarking: what i want to get people for christmas… we’ll see how it works out!
Opening: up a brand new pack of thin sharpies… teehee!!!!!
Giggling: not nearly as much as necessary!


This is my favorite pic right now, of me and Jamie. ❤

Home Sick Again

So, it’s Friday night – youth group night – and a beautiful fall day outside… and I’m home in bed. No fun. Everything at youth group starts in thirty minutes and my mind is reeling with all the different responsibilities that I’ve had to let someone else handle because I’m home sick. We prep all week for youth group and then start setting up around 3pm, print all our stuff at 2pm. What a day! Then, this morning when I woke up as sick as I am Clark said I needed to stay home. Sigh. My health has been one of the biggest challenges throughout my adult life. Here’s the “short” story…

In 2005 I contracted mono, which most of you know as the kissing disease! Well, I didn’t contract it having that much fun… although I did end up giving it to my teenage boyfriend that way ;-). Come to find out toddlers just so happen to carry the EBV virus in their system, which is what mono stems from. One Sunday afternoon I volunteered to watch the kids in the nursery when apparently one of those little critters passed their lovely strand of the EBV virus to me. I became apart of the elusive top %5 of worst case mononucleosis cases in the US. I showed the most serious systems of mono during the first six months and missed almost half of senior year of high school. I think the school let me graduate just because they didn’t want me to stick around another year.  This wasn’t the “stay home from school and feel tired for two weeks” type of mono… I remember waking up some mornings and not being able to feel my legs. It was scary, and I missed out on a lot of life during that year. What 17 year old wants to stay home all day and be miserable? By the end of the year I had like three friends left.

This is me some time around 2006 or 2007 when I was tested for lymphoma. I look so little!

This is me some time around 2006 or 2007 when I was tested for lymphoma. I look so little!

I continued to be symptomatic for over a year and half. The damage done to my immune system and body were so severe that it caused permanent damage. In 2007 the doctor’s finally started to test for everything in the book including some pretty scary things like lymphoma and MS. I really stumped the doctors and specialists for a long time. All those years of my life I had no idea what was really wrong with me. Now, years later I have better doctor’s who were able to look back through my health records and at least find SOME answers! I have three autoimmune deficiencies. I have Hashi’s disease and hypothyroidism and severe psoriasis. I also have a few growths or “nodules” on my thyroid glands, and one particularly large one on my right gland. My neck unfortunately bothers me all the time now. Recently I’ve had so much pain there that I visited the doc’s office to get an ultrasound. The doc found that my right gland’s “special visitor” – the nodule – has grown even larger. In December they’re going to have to stick a needle in my throat and pull some of it out… and I’m not looking forward to it! They’ll retest for thyroid cancer, which wouldn’t be as scary if my aunt hadn’t just gone through thyroid cancer.

Phewf… so it’s out – that’s my ongoing scary health sega. Many of you other chronically diseased friends reading can relate. “Sick days” for us are not just a normal sick day. It’s like having to miss out on your life because of some illness that you have no control over. You often think “why me?”. So today, I’m home very sick with either a cold or virus and because of my other conditions I don’t have the capability to fend it off properly. It’s taken me a while to gather the courage to share this information about myself, but I hope to somehow help other’s going through something similar. Today, I think all I can do is share. Often I have to remind myself that my health doesn’t define who I am. So many people in the past have marked me as “lazy” or “not motivated” when in reality I was silently suffering behind closed doors. I’ve always wanted to do a post on my psoriasis or thyroid because of an inspirational woman who’s blog I read. She is a mom and talks about how she deals with running a family and living with rheumatoid arthritis. Don’t you love reading a blog only to realize you would probably be friends with that writer if you had met in real life? Thank you Hillary Leonard, hopefully my life will at some point become equally as fascinating!

The truth is, mono sucked… but that time period of my life taught me an incredible amount of life lessons that I wouldn’t have otherwise learned so young. The truth is, being chronically altered is depressing… but it keeps me balanced and [when I let it] allows me to see life through the most important filter. All I had during those long moths at home with mono was God and my Bible. It was then that I learned God is not a feeling or an experience that could only be reached at places like youth group and summer camp. When all my friends struggled in college and ended up leaving the faith, I had a strong rock to lean on. I knew where my fulfillment and purpose came from and didn’t have to go searching for it. I didn’t feel the need to act a certain way to prove something either. I was settled in my who I was and my beliefs – my foundation – and it was then that God delivered to me the life I couldn’t have possibly dreamed… including my man!

Now, when my colleges are overworking themselves and exhausting their families… I don’t even have the choice but live a more balanced life. Yeah yeah… sometimes I too do the overworked thing. I’m not above it, I get sucked in too. But then I pay for it with my health and God reminds me that I wasn’t created to constantly be on the go. Maybe it’s like my “secret” fail safe that God puts in me so that I never have to experience a burn out. That’s my worst fear… me or my husband burning out. God knew that when I married a pastor. He’ll take care of us, I know that, but I still have to do my part too. Today, I remind myself of this… otherwise it would be easy to feel sad about everything I’m missing. All I can do is try. In the mean time, my husband has come home and made me feel a whole lot better. He came through the door with presents!!!! Oh how well he knows me. He got me a card, my favorite cookie dough, my favorite soup, and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Thankful for my husband today and that outweighs my stupid diseases. Sometimes you just have to take it one day at a time.


The gorgeous flowers my husband brought home, I love these colors!

A Day to be Grateful For

A few Saturday’s ago I had work piling up on my desk (if you’ve seen my desk you know this is an expression, because there is always a crap load of crap on my desk at all times) and I had about a million things on my to do list. I have a huge, giant, enormously important event coming up in a few weeks that I should be better prepared for. It could go on…

Regardless, I decided to do the right thing – the healthy thing!- and spend the day with my soul friends (friends that are also your soul mates). If you ARE one of my few true friends you understand what it’s like to be me, or at least have an understanding. You know that I don’t just have a “job” but a life consumed with a higher calling, therefore we won’t necessarily see each other that often. Most friends hang out all the time. This is not the case with me and my friends because I don’t always have control over my time. It’s hard to live like that sometimes, but to do anything of great important or impact will almost always require a personal sacrifice. A comfortable life never makes much of a difference. However, there are times where I have to decide to be a real person and acknowledge that I have needs – I’m not superhuman. So, I dropped everything else and went apple picking with some of the most important people in my life. IT FELT SO GOOD!!!!! Even though none of my work got done that Saturday, I was fulfilled and fueled in a whole different way. My soul needed that. We need each other! God didn’t build us for relationships by accident.

Here we all are on the tractor ride headed towards those apple trees waiting to be picked!

These are my friends! Here we all are on the tractor ride headed towards those apple trees waiting to be picked!

My life long friend Nubbin (aka – Ryan, his “real” name) and his wonderful wife Ashlynn invited me on this outing to Nubbin’s favorite childhood apple picking spot up in New Hampshire. That’s one thing that New England can boast – all of our states are close together and each state can be easily traveled to for whatever seasonal adventure awaits! I could not believe I’d never heard of or been to Applecrest Farm & Orchards in Hampton Falls, NH. It was beautiful all the way up to New Hampshire, I felt like the old people who go on fall foliage tours. Once we got there and all my friends piled out of our cars in the grass parking lot and I was remind of all the other times I’d traveled with these friends. The last grassy parking lot we’d been in together was at Creation Festival for our annual trip that we all used to take. Good memories. Applecrest was like a mini-festival itself! There was so much to see, lots of farm stands, and food stands, and even a “make your own scarecrow” booth. Scarecrows…. scare the crap out of me. I guess that’s their purpose, but like, it’s not cool. You know the food is my favorite… my friends ordered delicious homemade apple pie and ice cream! I had the best cinnamon sugar cider donut EVER. It was still warm too, yummmmm!

Applecrest also had tons of fruits, veggies, and fall time food to purchase in their outdoor market. There was even different flavored honey sticks!! If you know me well you know that I LOVE HONEY STICKS! I had them growing up as a treat my mom would buy us at Topsfield Fair (see previous post) or during our own family time apple picking. Honey sticks make me feel young again. Applecrest had strawberry sticks, grape, cinnamon, apple…. MIND BLOWN!!!!! I was so pumped I had to buy nine new flavors! I also purchased their own coffee milk which was sold in a glass bottle I had to pay for as well. Of course I had to buy fresh nectarines for Clark, they are his OBSESSION. I got little pumpkins for myself as well, tis the season!

The delicious loot I left Applecrest with... all for just $20! Now you can see displayed in my kitchen at home.

The delicious loot I left Applecrest with… all for just $20! Now you can see displayed in my kitchen at home.

Applecrest was so quaint, so New England, so Fall time! Oh, and I didn’t even talk about the actual apple picking yet! It was so cool to get on the “hayride” as I called it (really just a tractor pulling us on a flatbed) and travel across the farm passing all the different crops they were growing on the way to the apple trees. Then they had what seemed like a zillion different types of apple trees to pick from. We also saw another one of our friends and their family while there, it was just a great experience all around.

apple picking collage

We had decided to bring our lunch and eat it together picnic style out in the field we parked our two cars in. I loved eating and talking together! I love picnics and we ended up actually having two this day! Ashlynn brought this Whole Foods curry chicken salad stuff… WOW! So good! There’s something about eating together that brings you closer. I felt like I was at the best family dinner table conversation ever.

It probably seems a little curious that such normal activities make me so incredibly happy. I describe almost a euphoric experience as if everything was perfect including my friends. I know this is not really the case… although it was a pretty amazing day! Lately my life has been so hectic and stressful, my soul friends were just what the doctor ordered. My only regret was that my husband was away on a business trip and didn’t get to come with us. He did fly back into Boston just in time to see out friends towards the end of the day though, so I was at least glad for that. Again, I know this type of Saturday may seem pretty regular to most, but to me it’s special. It was a day that I can look back on and be truly grateful. Thank you Lord for giving me this life, these friends, and a great support system in the midst of what has been a confusing and chaotic chapter in my life.

Sometimes you just need to let everything go and give yourself a bit of soul therapy. You have to take care of yourself. I’ve found that when I don’t do that… it’s like I’m a shell on the shore of the ocean that has been beaten down by the waves so much that it’s broken and withering away. It then becomes hard for me to be the best wife or the best mentor. Each person has different needs, this we know, but you cannot deny we all need to take care of ourselves. Self preservation is not a bad thing! For Kim… taking care of myself means being in God’s presence often, relaxing and being creative, and not overworking. It means taking time for myself and doing things that make me happy. It means being with people that make me happy. It’s the best feeling in the world to say “I can’t remember the last time I laughed this much!”.

It’s easy to become suffocated in my line of work because it’s so all consuming, it’s your whole life. You don’t even realize you’ve burnt out until you burn out. In my “field” we’ll call it… it’s even ”frowned upon” to take care of yourself. We are supposed to be taking care of others! The harder you work and the busier you are then the more effective or successful you’re being. False – and I learned the hard way. I have to be a bit of pioneer in my field and take that sabbath (funny how we easily overlook that commandment), take care of myself, and love Jesus more each day. Because I have such a small amount of free time, or even unscheduled time, the “me time” gets thrown out the window. This is why it’s SO important for me to spend that precious little time with the people that are right for me. This is exactly what I talked about in my last entry. I just thank God for these friends! I’m so glad Ashlynn thought to invite me, because in the past I haven’t always been able to say “yes” as much as I’d like. I only hope the people I love keep on inviting me, despite their frustration that Clark and I can’t say yes most of the time. I’m glad I have friends that love me and love Clark. A day and a life to be grateful for. That is all.


Friends :)

Friends 🙂

Seasonal Festivities

Growing up one of my favorite places, the Topsfield Fair, was the highlight of this season. This place became even more special to me as an adult. This year I was able to go with my family (sans my sister’s husband) and my cousin and friend. We were a crew! We had a great time together at the fair, and since it was Columbus Day and a monday (our day off) we were able to also spend the evening together buying my dad a new car and ordering our favorite Lynnfield House of Pizza for dinner. I was just glad to get some decent photo’s in too… you know me! Need it!

My father is sadly missing from this photo because he was one who took this iphone 5 photo of us in front of the famous sand sculpture!

My father is sadly missing from this photo because he was one who took this iphone 5 photo of us in front of the famous sand sculpture! Here my cousin Jonathan, my husband (who always makes this ridiculous face in photos), my sister Kendra, my mom, me, and my good friend Becky! =)

In true New England style we took our Dunks coffee (personally, yuck!) with us to the fair and strolled around all day visiting the different animals, farm stands, shows, and trade house booths. Kendra and my cousin Jonathan were the only dare devils who ventured to get on a ride this year… a new ride! It was like a million feet high and cost $12 to ride… they just had to! My sister was infamously a little bit wild as as youngster and sometimes it’s good to see where it’s carried over into adulthood. This wasn’t nearly as crazy as teenage Ken, but her personality is definitely fun!

My cousin Jonathan and sister Kendra! His mom is my mom's sister... she's one of my favorite people also!

My cousin Jonathan and sister Kendra! His mom is my mom’s sister… she’s one of my favorite people also!

The weather has been unseasonably warm so I was able to wear a cute outfit rather than my usual layers including a big poofy brown goose-down jacket. Clark insisted on wearing his big poofy vest though. Mmhmm.

This gallery style photo of me and my hott black husband is my new favorite!

This gallery style photo of me and my hott black husband is my new favorite! And I love french braids!

One of the most important parts of the fair is the food! I admit this is where my family indulges the most… we have to have it all! Maybe this is something I have inherited from my dad, because he basically eats his way through the fair every year. Not a bad way to do it. We had fried dough (of course), lemonade, roasted cinnamon almonds, pulled pork sandwich, steak kabobs, hot chocolate, my dad had a big cheeseburger, and Becky had the traditional carmel apple! The only thing I missed was the baked potato loaded with cheese, broccoli, sour cream… mmm!!! Delicious!!! There’s only so much money set aside for these types of holidays though, and we spent our allotment on our entry ticket… and FOOD! Fair food is the bomb.

Me and Becky enjoy our delicious fair food!

Me and Becky enjoy our delicious fair food while we watched the Lumberjack show… yes…

I am a sucker for steak. I love steaks!!!! As a child I hated meat… like… all meat. Weird. Then I had a rarely cooked fillet mignon at a fancy restaurant (I was NOT paying…) and I was sold. Then when I married my husband he cooked this chicken that I’m absolutely in love with! I would marry this chicken dish if I could. It’s SO GOOD… my husband is Haitian and it’s a chicken his mom has cooked his whole life. I can’t believe there are people who have gone through life without ever eating this chicken dish. Anyways… I about to go down a rabbit trail… back to the fair!

My family! Sterling (sistah's husband) had to work and wasn't able to join us. Huge bummah =(

My family! Sterling (sistah’s husband) had to work and wasn’t able to join us. Huge bummah =( Also… I’m bringing flare leg back. Apparently designers already have, but no one in real life has – yet!

Me & my Mimzy! Are we twins?

Me & my Mimzy! Are we twins?



The fair is one of those places that has become a part of me and who I am. The Fair means Fall is really here and I absolutely adore the Fall weather and clothes and warm cider! Although, now I finally realize that it’s also been the people I go to the fair with that has made it what it is. The Fair also means family time and being with the few friends who are just as close. One of my favorite Fair memories was the year I was a freshman in college all the way down in Florida. I decided to fly home and surprise everyone – plus how could I miss the Fair?! Little did I know how important it was for me to take that trip. It was one of the last times I saw Felipe before he was taken from us. He was so happy to see me, a great feeling! It’s surely one of my favorite moments throughout my entire life! I surprised him right near the entrance inside the Fair grounds… at the Topsfield Fair.

There’s something about this season that reminds me how important it is to keep people around you that are right. People who mutually know, love, and understand you – real friends. Maybe it’s the poetic fall of the leaves off the summer trees that urges me to shake off what is already dead too. If that means having less leaves, I’m okay with that. Autumn means a beautiful stripping of what is no longer healthy to carry. You may appear barren to some, but you don’t FEEL barren. You feel a new lightness and it’s refreshing! This is a season of my life that may require some “weeds to be picked” as my husband says. I guess this is just another thing I’m learning to breathe…

The Topsfield Fair Topsfield, Mass

The Topsfield Fair
Topsfield, Mass