Facts on Me

This is me! My name is Kim…

It’s hard for me to describe myself, but I promise I’m usually funny and somewhat interesting. I am a native New Englander [Possessing some qualities of a Native New Englander =  pleased yet still bothered by the effects of snow, sarcastic, friendly in unfriendliness, history loving, will likely never move out of New England, defensive driving individual] who appreciates the four seasons, but decidedly less so with the Winter season! I am a wife – a ministry wife at that – and I absolutely adore my husband Clark [sexiest man alive!], despite the fact he’s a Yankees fan. I supposed we’ll allow him that since he was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY while I was born and raised here on the North Shore of Boston! I am a sister and daughter to a very wonderful [and annoyingly over busy] family – who are all in ministry [no, we didn’t really plan that]. I really love Jesus, very genuinely, and I sometimes can’t believe all the wonderful things He’s done in my life. I honestly don’t believe in “religion” or religious obligations or motivations – but don’t misunderstand that – I still love God passionately and also my church! Yes, going to church and being apart of the body is Biblical, so find an awesome one! Anyways… [now must recover from random awkward rant]… I am a mentor and a friend. I believe in raising up the next generation with love, encouragement, truth, and support. I really should have more friends than I do, yet I am satisfied with the few true friends I do have and wish I saw more of. I am a striving blogger, even writer, and advice-giver. I love delicious cheeses, equally delicious and amazing tea, Tracie Peterson novels, the beach and all the ocean-y smells and activities that come with it. I loveeeeee this thing that I so rarely find called “spare” time, and love it even more if it’s with the husb! I snuggling under love warm mexican blankets, nature walks, Friends, One Tree Hill, vacation, Starbucks, mocassins, family traditions, and shopping for cool  apartment stuff! I can honestly say I highly dislike how busy I am, constantly on the go, but I do love what [mostly] is the cause for keeping me busy – my students!

I do love blogging, pinning, and instagram! Who doesn’t though? So, I’m glad you stuck around here for some more specific facts about me [yes, the amplified version]. You also can also check out my author page if you’re still [yet at this point – strangely] interested! Enjoy.

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This is my face!

Professional Bio: Kimberly Clervois is a Red Sox loving twenty something year old native New Englander. She is an enthusiastic Youth Minister with a passion for this generation of teenagers. It’s been her joy to work with students (grades 6 – 12) and families in the North Shore and Greater Boston area for the past 6 years. Together with her husband Pastor Clark R Clervois they lead The Counter Influence Youth Department of Calvary Christian Church in Lynnfield, Mass. Kim and her Husband enjoy Netflix, American History, nature walks, and somehow seem to keep falling in love every day even though Clark is a Yankees fan!


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