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So I have decided that I would absolutely love to keep this site update (somewhat) even though I’m mainly blogging over at 47 Grove these days. I know, I know… why trade the loyal follow of 5 readers here at LTB?! Well, granted 47G does have several hundred followers, but it’s also a project I’m very invested in and passionate about. The most important thing about my new blog project is that I’m partnering with my sister! So if you haven’t been over to www.47grove.com please go visit. I promise there are some stunning articles and photos for you there. Here, I think I’ll just stick to talking about cheese. Staying up late. Rantings. Random thoughts and feelings.Sounds about right. Agree? Plus I’m watching Grammy again tonight while she sleeps so I need something to do. I say “watching” because truly it’s almost impossible to sleep in the same room with her between her snoring, sleep talking, and constant coughing. Smh. But I do love her! She’s hilarious!

Thanks loyal 3 to 5 friends who may or may not stumble across this post within the next 6 months to two years. Not that I can’t be myself at 47G but this here blog is definitely a safer place to be weird, mainly because there are no rules here and absolutely no one reads it. HA! Ok, if you’re reading… you’re not no one! You’re special too. Here I feel like I can be genuinely Kim. With that said… I started a pinterest board called “Wow, that’s so Kim” that I hope you follow. It’s things that I really feel define me or things that I can relate with so well. I’ll leave you with this…

{^via pinterest}

and with this…

{^via pinterest again}

#kimisback #iamwhoiam #trynabetrue #withoutbeingselfish #itskindahard #butimdoinit


Okay, this is so weird, but right after I posted this on the blog I tweeted something and one of my graduated students responded with THIS! It’s too good I just had to come back add this…

What! I don't even think he knew about this post or the name of my pinterest board. LIFE!!!

What! I don’t even think he knew about this post or the name of my pinterest board. LIFE!!!


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