As of now…

Kim is:

Making: room for a new job! I start next tuesday, so pray for me! November 12th!
Cooking: chili… because my husband is out of the country and it is his least favorite meal, while it’s one of my favorites! My mom agrees… my chili rocks 😉
Drinking: tea, more tea. and crystal lite.
Reading: not nearly as much as i’d want of my book, but more blogs!
Wanting: time! time with my husband in a peaceful place, like a peace-vacation!
Looking: for ways love my husband more
Playing: with fiiiiiyah! feel like i’m about to juggle one to many things, but gotta do what you gotta do!
Wasting: money on Starbucks, and more starbucks 🙂
Sewing: ….pretty much nothing!
Wishing: that baked good were available for eating right now. or that room service was a real thing you could get in your own bed.
Enjoying: The O.C. reruns
Liking: spending time with my mom laughing at meme’s on pinterest!
Wondering: how i’m going to be feeling in about two months!
Loving: all the sweet reminders of how much i love my husband that i see, hear, or watch while he’s out of town! directly after i dropped him off at the airport i went to the grocery store and our wedding dance song was playing! things like this only happen when he’s away! 
Hoping: for a big fat paycheck to spend on clothes and christmas presents… just being honest!
Marveling: at all the pain that people experience and still have hope in Jesus!
Needing: some lotion right now… hoping my henna tattoo lasts a long time!
Smelling: my childhood home when it warms up during the winter, those old heaters! love it.
Wearing: pj’s…. all dayyyyyy son! day off swag
Following: Jesus
Noticing: my age… and the vas deferens between me and a 21 year old. even 21 year old me!
Knowing: that tomorrow is gunna suck if i don’t get some sleep
Thinking: about writing… a better blog, a book, i don’t know…
Feeling: like i need to eat cookie dough asap… serious craving…
Bookmarking: what i want to get people for christmas… we’ll see how it works out!
Opening: up a brand new pack of thin sharpies… teehee!!!!!
Giggling: not nearly as much as necessary!


This is my favorite pic right now, of me and Jamie. ❤


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