Deciding not to be stuck…

Hello people of the internet. I’ve finally succumbed to taking the time and energy in writing another entry despite how exhausted I am. That’s always one of my excuses to not write. I’m so tired and I have no spare time, how do I justify spending anything on getting a blog post together? I also just don’t feel like anything I have to say is worth typing out for my blog, or… at least my thoughts are organized enough to make a successful entry to be scrutinized by the general blog-reading population. I feel like once I had a good thought I immediately start to think about all the supposed “rules” of blogging… don’t make it too long, have a point, have at least one line someone could tweet, etc, etc…. all that jazz. People’s blogs are so profesh these days. Yes, profesh as is professional.  It certainly takes a lot more smarts and energy to write a great entry than one would think, however, I think that’s the reason I often hide behind in order to protect myself from the scrutiny of seriously God knows who actually reads this. Still – it’s someone! Or maybe some day it will be someone! In fact, I have a few blog drafts sitting in my posts dock that I have yet to even finish probably with the same fear. Truthfully, it’s probably a perfect balance between that fear and my inability to produce any type of creative energy at this time period of my life.

So, here it is! A whiny and complaining blog post that was almost useless to post and not to mention actually reading. Plus my Nyquil is kicking in and I’m very sleepy. But, alas I’m placing my trust in an old adage that motivates me to believe that when you’re stuck… you just start again! It’s a decision you make. I’m deciding to not be stuck. So, here’s to hoping that this gets the creative juices flowing. Here’s to hoping that one blog post will lead to another. Lastly, here’s to hoping that I can figure out the true balance of my life and try and follow my dreams in all the right ways.


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