Tip of the Day: Reuse Crystal Light Containers!

2012-12-13 01.11.18

Hello friends! What a wonderfully frozen wintery New England day we had today. I was out all day in this freezing subterranean like temperatures with back to back appointments but somehow I’m SO tired I can’t fall asleep (yes I realize the irony). Luckily, that means I’m here posting a delicious TIP OF THE DAY! I don’t know how many of you readers are crafty… but I tend to be (or try to be) especially around the holidays. Our household is also currently a low carb one – thus the Crystal Light! I know you can say probably a multitude of bad things about how this particular drink mix can give you cancer… but it works for low carb diet AND can also keep your teeth healthier – free from excessive amonts of sugar causing cavities! Sidenote: favorite flavor is obvs Strawberry Lemonde, delish! Okay, I’ll stop trying… But anyways… I love when I think up an idea that I didn’t steal from pinterest. Here’s my TIP OF THE DAY to use your old Crystal Light containers as storage for crafty or any small items really. You could even reuse these containers for food like a snack holder for lunch box! I’m sure the ideas could be limitless but it’s late so I’ll just post more pictures and be on with it! Enjoy and hope this proves useful to you! Happy 12-12-12 and to my friend Steph who’s birthday is today!


2012-12-13 01.42.56

2012-12-13 01.14.32


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