A few products I “could not live” without!

ello friends! Today I bring you a few products that I quote-unquote cannot live without! Of course, I could certainly LITERALLY survive without these so I want to be sensitive to those who live with literally nothing and are super happy and content with what God’s given them and they love the Lord. Wow! But I digress, because this blog is actually about products that I love to use and hope you all can also make good use out of. If we have all the “stuff” here in America might as well make good use of it I suppose! Maybe I should re-title this blog to “useful products that make life easier!”.


Kim's Must Have Products

1. Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, “cool essentials” scent. Now is it obvious enough why I just have to have this? Of course, every single person on earth should use deodorant… but as a woman who’s constantly on the go this proves extremely fortuitous for me to use. I can apply right after I shower Thursday night and it will last me through literally the entire working weekend… with no pit stains. I’m telling you it’s like I’m always smelling fresh! Maybe you’re a mom, maybe you’re just extremely active, maybe you’re outrageously busy and sweaty like me… this is for you! Even when you “forget” two shower for like three days… yep! Still smell fresh! Of course… I’m sure I shower daily. Just sayin though.

2. Crockpot. Here’s the one I have. Makes you seem like a great cook and great wife! Easy as heck… get ingredients and put in pot. Turn on pot. Wait until you get home from work or whatever… couple hours pass… wa-la! A magnificent meal done and done! It’s great for busy people, it’s great for bad cooks, it’s just great for making your whole house smell delicious. You can even make holiday drinks in it! Bonus – there are about a million crockpot recipes out there. It’s like taking anything and everything out of Mary Poppin’s bag …except for cooking!

3. Thermal Fleece Leggings. By CuddlDuds. Wow, they have changed my life! Of course, as a native New Englander I’m constantly trying find better ways to get through the colder 7 months of year… and usually the weather still finds ways to still surprise me each year! In the windiest of freezing winds and breezes putting on these leggins feel like snuggling up to a warm fire with a blankey! Not that I put them on IN the wind… before that… haha… like before I leave the house. Anyways, Cuddl Duds – according the saleswoman at JCPenney (where they sell CuddlDuds about $10 cheaper than the actual company) – apparently last for decades if well kept and come in different colors, styles, and fabrics. I have the fleecewear stretch ones. You can wear them as is or layer under other pants to keep warm. They are the best!

4. Bible App. Kinda slack… I know! Well, at least I guess it is. Some people might not like the idea of doing your actual devo’s or serious reading of the Bible on your iphone! To those people I say this… if it’s “disrespectful” or just a fo-pa or just frowned upon – what about the millions of people around the world that don’t have a “real” Bible to read from, huh? Is their faith any less? They read from a scrap of newspaper a portion of the Bible that was written by someone else! Bibles are illegal in some countries. It’s not the method – it’s the WORD that’s important! What I’m reading on my app is LEGIT Bible! Bible is Bible! I don’t totally neglect my “real” physical Bible by any means… but how nice is it to be able to carry the Bible with me wherever I go? ISN’T THAT A BLESSING?? Love it! I can pull it out and read it anywhere. I can use it for prayer, or when I unexpectedly have a spare moment! It’s great.

5. Dual USB iphone charger for the car! Yes, a car charger that you can plug TWO usb iphone cables into! This way while driving wherever it is we are going – road trip or just down the street – both my husband and I can charge our phones! Iphones die real quick, and we both use ours for work and pretty much everything throughout the day. Much needed!

6. Shellac. Yes. Shellac nail polish. It’s a game changer. Imagine a world in which you get your nails done – the polish instantly dries. Yes. No worrying about rummaging through your purse or driving home. Thank you Karen Brown for opening my eyes to the new world. I’ve been enlightened. Oh wait… and it last for three weeks to a month and stays in mint condition. Jiggawhaaaaat! Yes, truth. I’m not even lying to you right now! It’s not fake nails and will not damage your nail bed. Don’t you just feel more put together when you have a beautiful nail color on? If you’re in the North Shore of Boston area roll up to A Touch of Color Salon in Lynn, Mass and get your shellac on by Karen. I’m telling you… it strengths my nails and prevents breaks, gives me an excellent lasting shiny color, and it’s the hardest thing in the world to chip. Get this… it’s actually CHEAPER in the long run as well! Because shellac is so long lasting you go to the nail salon less and end up paying less for manicures! Shut up! I know! It’s crazy. I just did that… changed your life. You’re welcome.

7. MAC Paint Pot. It’s an eye shadow primer and you can even use just as a base color to brighten up your eye lids. I look more fresh and even toned when wearing “painterly” on my eyes… then if you add eye shadow not only does it last ALL day looking fresh but it also DOES NOT CREASE! Why wasn’t I told about this sooner? I’m sure all of you mac up fanatics and cosmologists are laughing at me for just recently understanding the importance of eye shadow primer. Even if you’re the girl who likes the natural look and want to just brighten your tone up and eye area while appearing as if you’re not really wearing make-up this stuff will work magic for you! My make up routine is never complete without this item.

8. Noise Maker App… oh yeah! Good night’s sleep just got great! Clark and I sleep with not one, not two, but THREE devices with thenoise maker app. Maybe we’re a little OD with the noise makers but even a little noise from one iphone makes going to sleep that much easier. I tested my theory on a bunch of teenage girls who would have otherwise stayed up all night talking – it worked! Out like a light they were! I need peace to sleep and sometimes the sound of the “air conditioner” or what have you works wonders. The noise helps me clear my mind and get into sleep mode. Total silence scares me and any noises will keep me awake… so the “fan” noise is just perfection! It’s called “white noise” and it’s a free app to download.

9. Arie underwear. Specifically boybrief style. This might be too much information… I hope I’ve attracted only women readers by this number on the countdown! I just cannot leave out these unreal comfy arie undies that are the same or cheaper price than Victoria’s Secret. 5 for $25 and on sale they sometimes go 8 for $25! They are also the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever put on in my life. Just  had to mention!

10. Purple Nalgene bottle. Is this my inner hiker speaking? Well, I love my Nalgene because it’s big, I track how much fluids I drink, it’s portable, extraordinarily durable, and… mine’s purple and I like purple! I know all you camelback lovers will protest this… yeah maybe it’s cool to have a filter for your water… but it’s just not big enough for me! I like how I can loop my Nalgene on anything. It’s saved me multiple times on missions trips as well. I just love that old thing! I can add crystal lites or gatorade mixes to my water. It serves as a great reminder to keep drinking water every time I see it. I’m properly hydrated – which for me is extra important because I get migraines when I’m not!

11. Down Comforter! Okay, yes it’s real down which means real goose feathers or something. I’m sorry to all the vegan readers who don’t use animal anything! Let’s be honest though… my comforter is extremely warm, soft, and comfortable. I bring mine EVERYWHERE! And I have another that’s imitation down and it’s just as warm – I swear! So both sides can win. I sleep with one, I watch tv on the couch with one, I bring one to Retreat so my bed is the most warm and comfy, I bring one to my parent’s house for Christmas… wow!!! It’s my best friend!! Instant comfort! Plus it’s looks great on my bed.

12. The iPhone. I know, kind of obvious, but I cannot talk about products I can’t live without unless I mention this iphone. My life doesn’t function smoothly without it. To represent almost all the things my iphone now does, you can see below. Of course, I can check my email or any social media at any time. My planner schedules my entire life and reminds me! I can sync my husbands calendar to mine. All of that AND with the picture diagram combined really doesn’t even scratch the surface. At the click of a botton on my Walgreens App I can reorder my prescription and it’ll be automatically ready for pick up. My Starbucks beverage is ready as soon as I arrive and is paid for already. I can tranfer money from my husband’s account into mine (woohoo!) or even transfer to my sister’s account when she’s AT the register about ready to swipe her debit card in California! I can track down my husband and see exactly where he is… creepy but sometimes useful! For example I can see how far away he is from so I know how much more time I have to finish “cooking dinner”. I can get anywhere the GPS will take me. I can figure out who sings a song the radio or restaurant is playing. I can plan out my next outfit with every article of clothing organized and represented. I can control my power point presentation or change the channel on my tv. I can just walk into my favorite local coffeeshop – without even removing my iphone from my pocket – and my drink is automatically paid for. I can distract my nephew with a video game while I wait for the doc or in an adult conversation. I’ve read some of my favorite books on my kindle app for iphone. I could go on forever…. oh iphone, what did I ever do without you?

How did we ever live without the iphone?

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