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How incredible meaningful and inspiring is this song? I am loving it. You may already know how I feel about B’s vocal talent… she’s out of this world! Many just see her as a Destiny’s Child or another famous face. Not so. Just listen to her pure unadulterated live performance in Wynn Las Vegas for the 2011 “I Am Yours… An Intimate Performance”  and you’ll be done for! Lots of reasons why I love Queen B but one is because she just sings the kind of music she wants too! Her latest album entitled “4” is exactly that and she’s brilliant. It’s not a bunch of amped up radio hits – it’s talent and music! I appreciate the place she’s in right now! And… watch all of her performances while she’s pregnant… like… Go lady B!

A short side note… Any particular reason why you want to write? Are you a writer? Just something I’m wondering… needing writing advice but I really don’t want to talk about it because then I sound like one of the “trying to be creative” types who like go to coffee houses and read my slam poetry with [an actual newfound love for] my woven beanie and do the hipster thing. I have inspiration I’m just lacking direction at this point. That’s why a blog is nice! You can just write whatever you’re thinking or feeling that day.

Has anyone else looked back over their life and really tracked the “most meaningful” moments? Have you had any truly profound moments? I certainly hope so! It’s interesting to go back and see what people, things, or events had certain effects on me that were lasting. Do you remember the first song that gave you goosebumps? Do you remember the first time your heart hurt? Do you remember the first time you felt truly inspired enough to move?

Now… on the flipside. How have your lived your life in terms of “others”. Yes! Someone other than you. What have you done? Have you inspired anyone to do anything positive? Let’s not even talk about God (which we obviously should, I’m just saying…)… what have you been doing lately? Has it been all about you? What YOU want? Where YOU’RE going? What YOU look like? How people perceive YOU? If so, it’s time for an awakening to what truly lasts and matters. You may be overdue for a little reality check, you American. You don’t have to live in such a shallow hole… it’s actually really freeing out here! I promise. How about you spend some quality time with me in the ghetto working with children and teenagers. You may find you’re blessed beyond measure to live where you live. Did you forget that?  Or spend time with me in a third world country [like Nicaragua or Haiti] where they literally live on nothing and the average age of death is in your late 40’s or 50’s. You may find you’re life is really not difficult but you make it hard. How about you talk to someone who is 80 years old and find out that their life wasn’t that different from yours at one time. Every day average people that you ignore may have a crazy story. It’s not all about you! Don’t ignore! Open your eyes to an entire world!

A few scattered and meandering thoughts for you tonight.


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