My Recommendation for You!

One of my students who graduated this past year called me up the other day. She’s in college now and her professor gave an assignment to write a paper on someone who has influenced her life, made a difference, and set a Godly example. She called me. Wow, no words. Talk about emotional, humbling, unworthy, and joyous… I feel so honored! It’s also extremely refreshing and encouraging to see that what I do in youth ministry and with my life actually means something and is effective. I know it’s totally God using me 100% – so all the glory goes to Him – I really didn’t do much. I just stayed obedient and loved the Lord. That being said, they call youth ministry the “thankless ministry” because we often won’t see the entire results of our ministry until our students become adults years later. Us youth ministers don’t always get a “thank you” up front. I’ve been blessed to have experienced much appreciation, but that’s really not my point here at all.

When my [now former] student called, she asked me about my prayer life and how I keep in communication with the Lord. I told her a few things I do, but mainly talked about my constant awareness of God’s presence and how I speak to the Lord throughout my day as if He’s holding my hand every step of the way – because I know He is doing just that. Recently my husband choose this song to lead worship with, and it’s quickly become an anthem of sorts for me. Not only is this song powerful and dynamic, but the lyrics sound like they came straight out of my prayer life. This is now one of my favorite worship songs, and I was privileged enough to lead worship last night alongside my husband and sing this song with our teenagers to our God! Listen here…

Recently someone told me to just focus on one thing – being faithful to God… and everything else will happen exactly as it’s supposed to. He said “What would you lack if all you did was focus on being faithful?”. It’s a great thought… because our God is faithful and I know I would lack nothing! My Recommendation to you is this worship song to pray and worship to… and to remain faithful. That’s all! 


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