Life is Wonderful, Life is Full Circle

Acting my age isn’t half as hard as FINDING people to act my age WITH! This week I’m incredibly grateful and happy to have my friend Bonnie from Feeling Bloggy back in town =) Not only are we pretty much in the same place in life turning 25 soon and being married but she is absolutely wonderful person to be around! Here are some pictures of our time together Thursday at our friend’s coffeeshop (very highly recommended, try the turkey pesto panini and taste a bit of heaven on earth) in the great garden city of Beverly, Mass!



One of my student’s photography was displayed at Gusto Cafe! Very proud momma!


We were so glad to run into Muffin (Jon Miller) at Starbucks! The Miller’s are like a second family to both Bonnie and I. We’ll have to post about that another time because I could say sooo much about how much I love them! We’re glad Jon was working 😉


This week I am extremely grateful to God for friends.

Tomorrow morning (well, today!) some of the people in my life who have either known me the longest or loved me the most are all getting together to see our nephew Jack’s last soccer game of the season tomorrow. Jack is 5 and one of the great loves of all of our lives. We needed him so much! When we first heard that Jack was on the way I knew right away that he was a God send. At that time we had all faced one of the hardest things any of us would have to go through, and Jack was the light at the end of the dark tunnel. He was the light of our lives! He still brings a smile to all of our faces… so tomorrow we thank him! He’s 5 years old so he’ll probably be totally unaware of all of this – but I’ll probably cry! Haha.

Isn’t he like all grown up now?? Wahhh!!! :’-) I’m glad he still draws pictures of us and gives them to me!

 My Mom is like a grandma to Jack,  she’s known as GJ (Grandma Jacquie)

An epic photo of my dad (ie- PopTim) and Jack doing their normal routine of crazy shenanigans.


My husband and brother with Jack when he was younger and then MUCH younger!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 6 years since we first learned that Jack was on the way! Speaking of the Booth’s… and speaking of being grateful for my friends… more pictures are now needed of my beloved booblie friends. I cherish each of them so much! Each picture I see of myself with them tells a story and reminds me of a wonderful memory =)

Our little family on vacation together (our annual trip) in 2008 at Penn’s Cave in Pennsylvannia

My mom and bridesmaids =) and of course flower girl Jenna ❤






2 thoughts on “Life is Wonderful, Life is Full Circle

  1. pretty much LOVE this post! 🙂 so sweet 🙂 love you Kimberlyyyy & so glad we are in the same stage of life together 🙂 lets keep that up… like have babies at the same time…. get dogs at the same time…. and so on and so forth. okay. cool 🙂


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