My Skin Care Routine

Many other bloggers get lots of questions on what they do for skin care. Well, I’m not that famous yet… but I have had numerous people over the years ask me what I do for my skin. Honestly, genetically I have pretty good skin when it comes to acne and break outs. However, both my paternal grandparents had suspicious or even cancerous skin growths/spots removed. Soooo I do have to be careful in the sun (which I’m terrible at). My mother always told me to wear a moisturizer with SPF 15 (at least) in it and of course never burn. There’s your one true beauty tip for this post! And here’s my routine:

My Skin Care Routine


Pretty simple really! No night or eye cream… just yet! As you can see I first take off all eye make up with those awesome Almay pads. I just recently started using oil-free because my face has been more “greasy” than normal these last couple of years. In the past I liked the regular kind because it didn’t leave my skin feeling raw or dry – obviously because it had oil in it! I’ve literally been using these for like ten years. Then for washing I use Dove Body wash (unscented specifically because thats what my gyno said to use, if you know what I mean – it’s good for you!) and St Ives for face wash. I started using St Ives just because my husband likes it and was already sitting in my shower. I found out I actually really like it though! I used to use Biore Warming anti-black head cream cleanser… Which I do love (not gunna lie) and also highly recommend!

Now, above I have the Clinique FREAKING AWESOME moisturizer and the Cetaphil. The Clinique I use for my face (unless I have a sun burn on a certain area) because it’s so expensive and then I use Cetaphil for my whole body. When I don’t have the money to buy clinique I just use cetaphil for my face. I have been known to use this brand of Jergen’s when my skin is really dried out.

The end! Hope this helped… Or was at least interesting for you other ladies concerned with skin and stuff. Teehee =)


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