I have taken a walk and want to post all these beautiful pictures!

It’s actually not in my normal routine to go out for walk. For the past two years it’s not in my normal routine to do much of anything other than sleep, eat, work, and come home in the late evening to cuddle with my husband and watch Prison Break (or whatever show we’re currently devouring). I think drinking Nyquil is more apart of my routine than any type of exercise or even going out to enjoy fresh air – how sad! Well, I guess I’m starting my resolutions early – because I want to make it my new goal to go out and enjoy nature and release some endorphines and such. This is all actually rooted [not in my desire to actually be physical or healthy but] in my deep jealousy for all my friends (real or virtual) who have wonderful blogs filled with amazing fall foliage photos and adventures. While my walk outside wasn’t much of an adventure, I certainly did capture a lot of beauty in this delicious New England Fall season we’re in!

All these pictures were taken with my iphone4s – which turned out better than I thought they would. Next time I promise to charge my camera battery and bring out my canon DSLR…

Leaving my apartment complex looks like this ^

Taken with my iphone4s and edited on my instagram (follow me SurFaObXchicK)

A lovely view of my house [ie-building] from the “back side” that I never see. Nature walk complete – saw something from new perspective!

These previous three are untouched, unfiltered. Now on my instagram photos…

I have no idea what type of berries these cool blue and purple ones are! ^ Must be poisonous right? Wicked pretty!

^ Don’t these red berries and greens make you feel the Christmas spirit? All of a sudden I’m ready for Christmas!

Some more photo’s I loved from today’s walk…

^How many of you out there still dream about a house with a white picket fence? It’s ok to admit…

^ Found the coolest street names today… this is one of the them! As a Christian I am not only privileged to know the truest “good hope” there is and that makes me a bearer of this same good hope. Cool street name.






Well, until next time folks! Hope you enjoyed these pics or even took a vicarious walk with me today!


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