the last thing i…


Last TV show I watched…

one of the most underrated show on tv, in my opinion! Even though I don’t have any kids myself, I still find this family “the Braverman’s” extremely relatable. Some of my favorite actors on tv are also in this and I think some beautiful themes are present! You gotta check it out, seasons one and two are on Netflix if you have it.


Last book I read…

Tracie Peterson is by far my favorite author of all time. I don’t know how it took me so long to read her Alaskan Quest series… oh my gosh it’s amazing. I highly HIGHLY recommend. After reading this trilogy I’m having a hard time reading anything else because nothing compares! I think about the characters during my day like they are friends that I miss! It’s so amazing… first book is “Summer of Midnight Sun”, book two is “Under the Northern Lights”, and book three is “Whispers of Winter”. I did not think I could enjoy a book set in Alaska, but I was so pleasantly surprised.


Last iPhone app I downloaded…

Pinterst of course! Need I say more? Speaking of…


Last pin I pinned on pinterest…

this amazing picture of this amazing living room pit! I pinned it into my “Dream House Type Stuff” pinboard =)


Last thing I tweeted…

“It’s just as fun being a surrogate aunt as being a real one!! Here is my nephew baby & me :-)”


Last nail polish I used…

I love the nail polish from Forever21 because they’re so cheap =)


Last meal I ate…

Delicious Steak tips, eggs, and homefries from…

Jimmy K’s restaurant in Georgetown, Mass…. my go to spot whenever I pick someone up from Zion for a bite to eat. They serve breakfast all day and the waitresses are all at least 90 years old! There are huge booth’s and you get to pick where you sit normally!


Last theme park I went to…

My wonderful sister Kendra and I took a “Sistahs Trip” in 2010 before I got married! We went to Florida and visited friends and went to Disney World curtsey of Holly Ciampa! I wish we could take another trip to Florida and SOON! It was one of my favorite memories ever with Ken… we seriously had the best time.


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