A to Z… of me!

Age: 23 (ug, I don’t know what I’m gunna do when I turn 24 or even 25!!!!!)
Bed size: Queen, but really need to switch to King. They cost a lot!
Chore you hate:  Folding clean laundry. I just like to smell the clean laundry.
Dogs: no no no, CATS. CATS!! Kittens preferably.
Essential start of your day: Uh, coffeecakes. And Starbucks. Extra Shot. 
Favorite color: Nice deep purple, and forresty green. Like olive forest green.
Gold or silver: Used to be silver ALL the way, but gold has grown on me.
Height: 5’11
Instruments I play (or have played): Voice, but used to play piano. Should probably pick that back up some time when I have someone else’s schedule and life! haha.
Job title: So many jobs…. Wife, Sister, Daughter, Jesus Follower, Mentor, Surrogate Mom to Teens, House cleaner, Cookie Baker, ah… I should stop listing…
Kids: No soonah, no latah….
Live: Salem, Mass…. lovin it!
Mom’s name: Jacquelyn! Jacquie for short.
Nickname: Kim, Kimmy, Kimma, Kimba, or the every popular “hey, clark’s wife”
Overnight hospital stays: Thankfully, none of my own! Until I have kids that it
Pet peeve: Uh, bad drivers. Women who go to Bible College and choose Youth Min major just to marry a hot youth pastor guy.
Quote from a movie: “Where the Lord closes the door, somewhere he opens a window” -The Sound of Music
Right or left handed: Riiiiiight
Siblings: Kendra, Jovi, Fab, Booths, Sterling, Autumn, Theresa, Kyla, Jenna, Lindsay, oh boy… I’m running out of room here
Time you wake up: Depends on the day! Preferably… late
Underwear: Uh…. really? Okay… ARIE UNDIES ❤
Vegetables you dislike: I only like three veggies, legit. They’re gross.
What makes you run late: Ummm…. haha, me? Or maybe something related to Youth ministry….
X-rays you’ve had done: Hmm… def teeth, knee, foot, and…. MRI but that’s it
Yummy food you make: oh Yes! Well, I BAKE these awesome Graham Cracker Brownies…. your world WILL be rocked.
Zoo animal: Defffffffff GIRAFFE ❤ the TALLEST species at Zoo. Like me in life.
I stole this little “about me” quiz from my good friend Bonnie’s blog! Thank you Bonnie… here is the link to her blog, one of my favorite blog titles ever… http://feelingbloggy-read.blogspot.com/

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