Life to the Full

Well, Bonnie has inspired me to blog more! So far today has been pretty balanced for me. Even though it was sooooo difficult to get up this morning (nyquil hang over) I at least was able to find my wonderful black yoga pants so I’m feeling comfortable today! Paired the yoga pants with an oversized men’s american eagle sweater… I’m looking bummish but don’t care! Plus I’m pretty sure this sweater is one of my student’s. It’s amazing the amount of clothes teenagers leave behind. It’s my sweater now! Totally my sweater. Then Clark and I drove to church where we’ll be working all day and night. BUT what I LOVE is that I got to my desk, prepared my tea, sat down, ate my coffeecakes, and then did my devo’s. Peaceful! Beautiful breakfast and reading of the Word. I swear any day that starts off like that will go well.

It’s one of those rainy weeks where you just want to sleep in, eat cookies, drink tea, and watch Dan In Real Life. I think the rain makes me a little more contemplative that usual. I would say that normally Clark is the “thinker” between the two of us, but this week I feel like it’s me! This could also be due to the Nyquil though… I’m a bit of addict. Anyways… I’ve been thinking about the next couple of years and how many of my friends are getting married! I’m in the stage of my life where all my friends are getting married and even having children. Sure, even I am married! No, I’m not having a child though. I have this one friend who I care about deeply, but I’m very afraid this friend is marrying the wrong person. We have a complicated relationship so I don’t feel like I can really voice my opinion about it again… it didn’t work out too great the first time I tried it earlier this year. Maybe I’m simple minded… but I honestly believe and have experienced for myself that when you trust in God to show you the “one” to marry and then get married in God’s timing, then you will be blessed! Of course, this is definitely what happened to me so some could say I’m bias… but let’s be real… I’m just reading what the Bible says!  It’s also been my experience that God keeps His promises. When I try to run my life according to ME… things don’t work out or they are just ‘good’ or mediocre. When I let God into every area in my life and become obedient to Him… miracles happen and life becomes extraordinary. Why don’t people want extraordinary? Maybe it’s because it takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of faith and trust in God. It takes sacrifice. Regardless of all those things… wouldn’t you just rather be happy and experience “life to the full”???? Friends…. it really is that simple. It doesn’t matter your past, what you did, or what has been done to you… even the worst cases can still have hope in “life to the full” because God keeps His promises.

Another thing I’ve been thinking a little bit about…. family! My immediate family right now consists of six people and sometimes I wish we could just do Thanksgiving and Christmas among ourselves! Extended family members sometimes bring stress and I miss my sister so much that I just want the six of us to be together for as much time as physically possible. My dad, mom, Kendra, Sterling, Clark, and me! Ken and I are trying to get everyone to wear footie pajamas for Christmas. So far the men won’t comply. We’ve picked out EXCEPTIONAL footie pj’s though I will say. You can click on these links to see what we’ve picked out for Dad, Mom, Sterling, Clark, Kendra, and Kim. Beautiful!!!! Imagine six grown adults in footie pajamas sitting around the Christmas tree???? HILARIOUS!!

I can’t wait until we are all together for Christmas!


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