Great Movies Greatly Under Appreciated!

Sometimes I like to write about other interesting topics… like deep issues that really matter. Today I’m writing about movies that matter to me that are greatly under appreciated! I’m not going to say too much about the actual plot of the movies because if you haven’t seen them, or haven’t seen them in a long time, I would like you to enjoy them for yourself!

1. Becoming Jane… I’m not going to ruin the ending if you haven’t seen this yet… but it’s unexpected. The whole thing is beautiful though from the sound track to the filmography to the writing to the costumes. Of course it’s about Jane Austin so it’s also got a bit of a historical education to it. I absolutely adore James MacAvoy as an actor and I believe you’ll find him very dishy in this film. You may categorize this as a bit of a “chick flick” but it’s still totally worth viewing! There are two scenes in this film that are breath taking. Of course Anne Hathaway is awesome as well. If you appreciate Maggie Smith, you’ll also enjoy her acting in this film. I fell in love with Maggie Smith when everyone else did in Hook when she played Wendy. Plus you can practice your King James english for the next time you’re obligated to read for old people.

2. Dan In Real Life… I saw this movie in theaters five times. FIVE. That’s how amazing it is. First of all, you have Steve Carrel with some marvelous acting chops that puts him on my list of favorite actors as well. He’s not his 40 Year Old Virgin type of hilarious in this film, but he’s very funny and very human and I love it. There’s all these family dynamics going on in the film that I can relate too almost exactly. A band called Sondre Lerche does the sound track and it’s completely appropriate for the film’s setting…. it’s wonderful. Another huge benefit to watching this movie is witnessing New England beauty at it’s best! It takes place in the Fall in Rhode Island and the lanscape is beautiful. Any movie that correctly represents New England and shows it’s beauty… I’m in favor of. It’s filmed in Jamestown and Newport, Rhode Island where Clark and went for our 1 year anniversary. Of course, we went to every single location from the film!

3. Little Women… why don’t more people love this movie? There incredible actors such as Christian Bale, Susan Surandan, Winona Rider, Kirsten Dunst, Claire Danes, and more. I suppose Little Women is yet another movie on my list telling the story of a female lead character who writes and is independent in her thoughts. What can I say? Amazing sound track by my favorite Thomas Newman (Also did the sound track to #5). This movie is also very New England… it takes place in Concord, Massachusetts and you even see Walden Pond (of course it’s not the real Walden Pond most likely, but whatever it’s represented!). I love movies about sisters because of the relationship that I have with my sister. Kendra and I always watch Little Women together every Christmas. This film represents our childhood!

4. Anastasia… yes! Fine fine fine… so what if this is a animated movie?! That’s how good it is! Phenomenal music. I don’t care if you think you’ll never enjoy this movie – you will! Just give it try (and maybe skip the song Rasputin sings). It features the voices of Meg Ryan and John Cusack. It’s very funny and even very scary at parts. It’s perfect for a rainy day inside. Love this movie.

5. Meet Joe Black… who doesn’t Brad Pitt? Okay, if you don’t then there’s also Anthony Hopkins and Claire Forlani. By the way I think Claire Forlani is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Especially in the scene with the sparkly dress. Anyways… The story line is one in a million. It’s not typical, it’s very original. If you’re looking for something different, this is it. It’s beautiful and very interesting. First time I rented it, I watched it twice in a row. Sure, it’s got a love story but it’s one you’ve never seen before. Again, this is an unexpected ending so I really can’t say much other than you’ll LOVE IT. And you might crave peanut butter after watching. Also watch out for incredible sound track by my boy Thomas Newman!

6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button…. Sure it’s an obnoxiously long title and even the movie itself is long. But if you can look past that… how can the part where they “meet in the middle” not totally get you?! Plus his mom is black?!! Watch it and let me know. This is also a very unique movie with a very unique love story. Not typical or something that’s been done before. OF COURSE Brad Pitt is in it again! And Brad Pitt at every age mind you. The character he plays ages backwards, so he’s born an old man. Interesting. Great acting.

7. Notting Hill… all my awkward kids will appreciate this movie. Some of the characters are very awkwardly hilarious. Again, great cast with my girl Julia Roberts and also Hugh Grant. It takes place on Notting Hill in Great Britain. Hugh Grant plays an ordinary man who owns a travel bookshop. It’s very real. This film makes you feel as though ordinary people can experience extraordinary love.


Okay, that’s all for now folks. Tell me how you like them.


2 thoughts on “Great Movies Greatly Under Appreciated!

  1. wow, i’ve never seen any of those movies. But I’m not a real movie goer either. What? No horror films??? I watched The Rite (anthony Hopkins) on the flight to india, loved it, thought of you, ha.


  2. WHAT?!?! NONE??? You gotta see some of these! Don’t start with Anastasia though. Haha. Start with Dan In Real Life… you’d like that as a dad. AND NO – no thriller, horror… anything like that! I have bad dreams. And i’m still scared of the dark. haha.


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