Not Feeling It

Hey guys. For some strange reason I haven’t felt like blogging lately. I’m doing my best not to blog about complaints or things of this nature… so what do I feel like writing about? I also feel pressure to make my blog “good” with this new wave of modern bloggers… I love the journaling blogs way better!

Today is Thursday which means both Clark and I have no ministry/work commitments tonight! I am realizing more and more… and getting more and more afraid… of how old I really am. You know you’re old when you’re feeling something similar to these feelings:

1. You are excited to pay the phone bill, because then you won’t have to worry about it. After you press that “process payment” button you feel relief and suddenly feel like doing something healthy like go for a run.

2. Going grocery shopping on Thursday’s after work is an exciting acitivity. You might have even looked up a few reciepes online or on your husband/boyfriend’s iphone and know of a few things from the grocery store that are a “must have”… but also come from the whole foods section!

3. Going to sleep early and waking up early are suddenly a priority and you feel like you’re accomplishing more by even the thought.

4. All of sudden you feel yourself saying “I’ll have a water, please” instead of asking for a Mountain Dew or Shirley Temple. Sometimes you stretch to a water with lemon… but only sometimes.

5. Your mid-morning snack consists of a muffin… not just a muffin… a banana nut or blueberry. What happened to chocolate chocolate chip muffins with extra sugar? Or a donut? Uh-oh, am I reaching for a scone next?

6. You check the coffee bag to make sure it’s “Colombian Roast” or something like that… wait do we have splenda? Or hazelnut creamer?

7. You wear different shoes to work then change into “more comfortable” shoes once you’re at your desk. Of course, this has nothing to do with fashion and more to do with warmth.

8. You purposely save up coupons and plan your trips to the mall around sale dates. Your mom or grandma probably gave you the coupons… and you overheard a woman in the prescriptions line at Walgreens talking about the next sale.

9. Boneless Chicken Breast is your new best friend and you know at least 5 ways how to cook it in less than 30 minutes.

10. You’re planning out vacation time for NEXT year, and you’re not just planning for yourself… and you’re not going to Cancun.

I can tell you right now at least 8 – 10 of these feeling come across my brain daily. Gahh! Why am I so old? Last night I was ASLEEP by 11pm! Of course, I’m wicked sick and need to sleep, and I felt amazingly better when I woke up. I actually got a sufficient night’s sleep. Wow, it’s amazing what that does. Crazy.


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